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Pianists perform a huge classical and popular repertoire, without vocals, only acoustic, in high quality. Pianist needs to work with the singers on board on their solo programs and accompany their shows on board ( sometimes it’s necessary to have correpetition with the show ensemble).He will be also a performer in special programs in the theaters and in a special programs in the bars. Pianists need to be experienced in working with singers and it is a must to be able to do sight reading.


Duos, Trios

A duo/trio should include at least one singer and play only acoustic.  Voice live effects, or loopers for guitarist is allowed, but no backing tracks, midi or mp3 files. The repertoire has to include oldies, disco and other popular music, ballroom dance (cha-cha, tango, rumba, waltzer etc.), jazz standards and evergreens. They play music that’s more “toned down” to create a more relaxing atmosphere.


Party Bands

Party bands are typically 5 to 6-piece cover bands that include at least 2 singer and play covers in many different styles of music, also German ‘disco fox’ as well (is a MUST). Please pay attention for the background vocals behind the the lead singer. Basic instrumentation: bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, with at least two singer and several other people that are capable of background vocals. Such bands must have large repertoires heavily centered around rock and roll and Top 40’s pop; Motown, country and blues should also be well-represented.


Classical Ensembles

Cruise ship classical ensembles are generally comprised 4-piece groups of string. They should have a heavily classical repertoire, although arrangements of Broadway songs, movie themes and other popular music are also encouraged. For those guests, who are looking for relaxation in a peaceful atmosphere, or those who simply appreciate the talents of excellent musicians.



Mester Music Agency represents a number of various contortionists, Handstand acts, Hand-to-Hand and adaggio numbers and aerial acrobats.

We definitely need your professional video material of your show.


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