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How do I apply?

Push the APPLY bottom, and fill it out with your details. Definately we need your CV in english, your photo and at least one videolink.


How do I request an audition time?

Please fill out the form on our “contact us” page and we’ll be in touch with you.


How long are the contracts:

Contracts are between 2 to 5 months. This can be longer and it can be shorter depending on the cruise line or the theatre you work for.


Language requirements:

You must be able to understand instructions well and have conversations in English.


Do you hire singers?

Yes! We are searching for show singers (f/m) with strong belt-technik for the Showensembles, for Musical theatres and singers for party bands, in duos, in trios as well.


Can I practice while I’m on the ship and where can I do so?

Of course, you can practice and we strongly encourage you to do so. You have to make an appointment for it with your Music Manager.


I’m not 18 yet, can I still apply?

Candidates should be 18 years or over.


How do we get paid?

The salary will be transferred to your own account in the beginning of each month during your contract.


Good to know

Port – A nautical term for the left side of the ship.

Starboard – A corresponding term for the right side of the ship.

Forward – A term for the front of the ship.

Port – Any location where the ship docks and both guests and crew can get off and step onto dry land.

Home Port – The port where guests begin and end their cruise.

Life Boat – One of several small boats, with a capacity of approximately 150 people and equipped with emergency supplies, that is secured to the cruise ship and used to evacuate guests and crew in the event of an emergency on board.

Life Raft – One of several inflatable rafts, stored in the same area as the life boats and with the similar purpose of evacuating the ship in the case of an emergency. Life rafts have a capacity of approximately 35 passengers.

Fire-Screen Door – One of many heavy, thick doors on the ship designed, once closed, to contain a fire in such an emergency situation on board.

Water-Tight Door – One of many very thick doors on the ship designed to seal so tightly that water cannot pass through in the case of a breach or leak.

Muster Station – The specific areas to which guests must report in the case of an emergency on board. Boat drill is conducted at the various muster stations around the ship.

Crew Purser-  Crew members deal with the Staff Admin office during the embarkation and disembarkation, and for all their needs on Board.

Gangway – An area for embarking and disembarking (getting on and off) the ship. The area is overseen by ship security, and all guests and crew must scan their ID’s when entering and exiting.

Mess – A large, communal area where crew members eat.

Crew Bar – A crew-only lounge that sells alcohol and snacks at reduced prices.


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